Metal Polishing & Bead Blasting
Contact Us
Getting a job done right, and delivered on time is
important, so if you wish to contact us with any
enquiries please do so using one of the methods
listed below.

"How Much Will It Be ...?"
Factory Address
Unit 17,Ladysmill Ind. Est.,

There are plenty of customer parking spots
available, but please note that we are not open
24 hours a day, so rather than turn up and be
disappointed, it would be better to phone

Telephone Number
01324 634739

If you are thinking of getting something polished
or bead blasted or want to arrange to come to
the factory pease phone.

Every polishing job is unique.

People vary in what they want, so that where
one person may want to mirror polish parts of a
component which can't be seen, another may
only want a very quick polish to brighten it up
and only on the bits that are seen.

Because of the fact that polishing is a manual
job, along with the above, it is very difficult to
price a job without seeing it and knowing
exactly what is wanted. This is why we prefer to
have a customer arrange to bring it in, or have
it delivered so we can do a small sample and
find out exactly what they want and give a
proper price.
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"How Long...?"
If the job is small enough we can try to do it
on the same day, however the majority of
work is within a week.