Metal Polishing & Bead Blasting
Lyndene Engineering Co. Ltd.
Tel: 01324 634739.
Lyndene Engineering is a small family company
based in Falkirk in Central Scotland which was
started in 1978, specialising in metal polishing,
linishing and wet bead blasting.

Metal Polishing
By using a mixture of abrasive belts,
mops and compounds, we bring an item
up to a finish that meets the customer's

For commercial work this may entail
taking a production run up to a consistent
finish whilst also meeting delivery

For the individual, it may well be a single
component or a few parts which are
being refurbished and need to be
brought up to their original or, if possible,
a higher finish.
Wet Bead Blasting
Wet bead blasting is done inside a
cabinet using a mixture of water and
media fired under pressure at a

Unlike dry blasting where the finish is
provided by the force of media impact, a
wet blast gives a cushioning effect which
in turn results in a finer finish and also
prevents the media impregnating into the

Another effect of a wet bead blast is that
it is also doing a degreasing operation
at the same time.

The overall effect is of a very clean very
fine satin finish.