Metal Polishing & Bead Blasting
Our Services
We do both metal polishing and wet bead blasting,
all of which are done in our premises in Falkirk.

"What If I Want To Get
Something Polished?"
Metal Polishing Finishes
There are many finishes of which the
following is a selection.

Linished. This is a finish directly from a
belt and is sometimes called a scratch
Satin. This is far finer scratch and leaves
a bright finish but not capable of showing
a reflection.
Bright. This gives a polished finish
which shows a reflection, but unless the
scratches or marks in the metal are light,
they may still be seen in the metal.
Mirror. This as it suggests is trying to
make the metal look like a mirror. All but
the deepest of scratches or marks are
taken out and even those are shallowed
out considerably.
What types of metal
Most metals are capable of being
polished or wet bead blasted, so that the
following is just an example.

Aluminium extrusion, aluminium castings,
brass, bronze, copper, cast iron, mild
steel, stainless steel, mazak, alloy and
so on.

Having said that, there are variations of
certain metals that are completely
non-polishable, and so it is only when we
can do a sample of a component that we
can find out how good a finish it will take.
Contact us, and where possible
arrange to bring your work in where we
can find out what you want done and
do a sample finish.
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Wet Bead Blasting
Wet Bead blasting is capable of giving
a very clean looking, fine satin finish,
getting into areas not normally possible
with conventional polishing.

At the same time it is also degreasing,
and because we mainly use glass
beads, it is not altering any dimensions
or impregnating media into the

Due to the size of the cabinet, the likes
of a motor bike engine would have to be
stripped down, which would also result
in a better finish.
What sort of item can be polished / bead blasted
Motor bike parts, engine parts, door furniture, car parts, bells, alloy wheels, boat
accessories, hinges, shop fittings, architectural ironmongery.

These are just an selection of various items. What we'e going to polish is up to you !